Planning New Hires in 2022?

Ramp Up Their Training with the Online Plumbing Pre-Apprentice Course
When you make a new hire for your field crew, it can take some time to evaluate their skills and see if they will be a good long-term fit for your company. That can cause you to hold back from enrolling new hires into a full apprenticeship training program or other cost-intensive training during their first months of employment.
Plumbing Pre-Apprentice Course
With this in mind, the Foundation created our new Plumbing Pre-Apprentice course. The online program focuses on general industry knowledge, safety, science and math of plumbing, systems & products, and basic service and repair work. The course helps new hires develop the skills required to be a productive helper benefitting the business while giving you time to evaluate their long-term potential.
Thanks to our donors and sponsors, the program is rolling out at an introductory cost of only $29. 
That low cost of entry gives you a way to kickstart the learning curve of a new hire without the risk of enrolling an untested new team member in a high-cost training program. And once you have determined that the hire is a good fit and interested in furthering their education, you can help them choose which path to take - traditional apprenticeship training or the Foundation's Fast Track to Service and Repair course. 

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