Plumbing and HVAC assessment tests are offered through a partnership between PHCC and NOCTI (for Plumbing) and NATE (for HVAC). There are four (4) tests, one for each year of either the plumbing or HVAC apprenticeship program.

If you are interested in purchasing these tests (and choosing a proctored testing date), you can do so here
Proctored testing is optional but is required if you are using the tests to test-out of the first year apprenticeship program. 

These tests can be used by employers to:

1) assess the knowledge of a student following each year of apprenticeship in a traditional four-year program (all years/all tests).

2) test the knowledge of prospective employees as entry-level journeyman (fourth-year test).

3) test employees out of the first year of an apprenticeship program, if allowed by that program (first-year test). PHCC National allows students who pass the first-year assessment test, for either plumbing or HVAC, to skip the first-year online apprenticeship program and enroll in the second-year program. 

How are the tests administered?

If you are simply assessing the knowledge of your employees or prospective employees you can administer the test yourself. If you are looking to opt-out of the first year of an apprenticeship program then the test must be proctored. PHCC Colorado offers one day each month for testing (as noted on the registration form to enroll in the testing. 

Want to know what is on the tests?

On the NOCTI web site, you can find links to an assessment blueprint for each test. The blueprints list the specific competencies and skills tested in the assessment, the number of test questions, the amount of time allowed for the test, the weighting of the competencies and skills in the tests, and sample test questions. These assessment tests are based on the same job and task analysis that Foundation subject matter experts prepared when rewriting the plumbing textbooks.


$199 Members

$249 Non-members for contractors

$100 proctoring/admin fee

If you are interested in purchasing these tests (and choosing a proctored testing date), you can do so here