Finally, there's a solution to a problem keeping you up at night. How do I train an employee to be productive in a service truck in record time?

The answer: Fast Track to Service Plumbing! 

To learn more about the course syllabus and the PHCC Academy® learning platform, and get details about how this program differs from E.Learning 4-year registered apprentice program. Watch the recording of the demo here.

What is the PHCC Academy®’s Fast Track to Service Plumbing course?

It is a comprehensive entry-level training program, designed for contractors by contractors, for employees who do residential or commercial plumbing service and repair work. The goal of this program is to get an employee trained and productive within the first year of being hired. This course is meant to supplement on-the-job training.

How it Works:

The Fast Track to Service Plumbing course includes more than thirty training modules critical for the success of today’s plumbing service and repair professionals. Topics include: safety, customer service, plumbing and electrical work, basic business skills, and more.

Students study at their own pace, as the workweek permits, with most students finishing in 12 – 18 months.

Fast Track to Service and Repair offers year-round open enrollment so employees can begin today!

Technology Requirments: 

  • System: Windows Vista or higher or Mac OS X 10.5 or higher 
  • Internet Speeds: Download: 1.5 Mbps minimum. and upload: 1 Mbps minimum. 
  • Hardware: 2 GB RAM min. 
  • Browsers: 
    • Chrome (Desktop / Tablet) 
    • Internet Explorer 11 (Desktop / Tablet) 


  • $2399 PHCC Quality Service Contractor members
  • $2899 Members
  • $3299 Non-members