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Super Foremen Workshop

The next Foremen Workshop will be held May 5 & 6, 2023 at Viega’s Training Facility in Broomfield, Colorado.

The project foreman needs to be much more than just a talented journeyman who knows how to “go fast.” The foreman is the first line of management in the company, and must become the quarterback by learning more than just the technical trade skills required to install the work.

Like a quarterback, he must have a carefully crafted and practiced game plan (or else it’s sandlot football), he must be able to execute the plan, he must be able to adjust the plan when teammates stumble or show less talent, he must provide accurate feedback to the coaches on the bench, and he must AT

ALL TIMES keep his eyes on the goal of winning the game.
That’s what this two-day program is about…Winning the Construction Project Game!

Kirk Alter, Professor Emeritus at Purdue University, is the lead instructor for the Super Foremen Workshop.

In short, a great class. For new and upcoming foremen, it gives guidelines for expectations and the structure to achieve them. For older foremen who have been in the game, gives you great info to improve everything you are doing.” — Foreman Workshop Attendee

Super Foremen Workshop

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PHCC Educational Foundation scholarship

Time's Almost Up!
Scholarship Deadline is May 1st
PHCC members can save thousands in apprenticeship training costs this year - simply sit down with your apprentices for 30 minutes to complete a PHCC Educational Foundation scholarship application together.

To apply, apprentices will need: 
- A letter of recommendation from the PHCC business owner or their manager (templates here). 
- Answers to 5 questions about their background and interests.

- Optional - Grades and a letter of recommendation from their apprentice program instructor. 
Technicians enrolled in the Foundation's Fast Track to Service Plumbing are also eligible. Most of the 50+ awards available this year are worth $3,000 each.


Apprentices will not typically complete an application on their own - please make this small investment of your time to get it done and help them earn the funding for their career education!

The deadline for the application and all materials to be submitted is May 1st. 
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PHCC Annual Economic Outlook Update

Thursday, April 20, 2023
2pm ET 
60 minutes

Please join us for PHCC’s Economic Outlook webinar. Among topics to be covered will be the following:

Among topics to be covered will be the following:
  • The state of the national economy: is the economy in a recession or headed towards one?
  • Where is Federal Reserve policy heade
  • What is the outlook for interest rates?
  • What is the employment outlook?
  • Where is residential construction headed?
            - Single-family construction   
            - Multifamily construction
  • Where is nonresidential construction headed?
           - Office
           - Lodging
           - Retail
           - Education
           - Healthcare
  • What are the opportunities for plumbing and heating contractors from the items covered above?
Presented by: 
Bernard M. Markstein is President and Chief Economist, Markstein Advisors, an economic consulting company providing analysis and forecasts of the national economy and construction activity. Dr. Markstein’s experience includes analysis and research in residential and non-residential construction, housing, real estate, financial markets, macroeconomic issues, and regional markets.
Dr. Markstein received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from Brown University and a Doctorate in Economics from Yale University.
This webinar is free to PHCC members and $35 for non-members. For information on joining PHCC please visit us at You can email [email protected] or call 800–533–7694 for more information about joining. 
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Educational Articles

Attached are links to articles provided by Federated Insurance:

Risk Management Corner tackles subjects related to workplace safety

HR Question of the Month provides a human resources-related question and answer from independent legal professionals

It’s Your Life discusses concepts related to life and disability income insurance

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