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The Clock is Ticking for 2018 PHCC Scholarships

It's scholarship season and the Foundation has $105,000 in awards up for grabs. Every plumbing & HVACR apprentice, plus college students who are pursuing studies related to our industry have a shot at 44 different awards worth $1,000 to $5,000 each. We want every student to get their chance to apply; but time is running out!

Sure, college-bound kids can win our scholarships, but most of our awards are actually aimed at helping apprentices and their employers pay for apprenticeship training. If you have apprentices or techs enrolled in the Foundation's online PHCC Academythey qualify too!

Click here for the online application form. 



PHCC Affiliate Member, Jackson Systems, is excited to announce the new iO ZoneESP zone panels

ZoneESP: Zoning Systems with No Bypass Damper Necessary

The new iO ZoneESP zone panels, distributed by Jackson Systems, are equipped with award-winning electronic static pressure control technology that eliminates the need to install a bypass damper. As the zone dampers open and close, the static pressure sensor continuously monitors the system static pressure. If the static pressure goes above the static pressure setpoint, the panel will open the non-calling zones just enough the relieve out the excess pressure and bring the system below the desired setpoint. You don’t’ feel it. You don’t hear it. Because it constantly is measuring and bleeding static pressure.

ZoneESP Zone Panels are available in 2, 3 and 6 zone, are easy to install and eliminate the need for a bypass damper. All come with a 10 year warranty. LED status alerts make troubleshooting easy!

For more information or to receive a 10% discount on top of your member rebate, visit Or, call JD Brake at 888-652-9663.


Federated Insurance April Risk Management Corner

The Elephant in the Room 

What is large, scary, and has the ability to crush you? If you said elephant, you’re not wrong, but, for the sake of this article, a fellow distracted driver is the correct answer.

Painting a not-so-pretty picture

Let’s create a dot map. First, picture the lower 48 states. Now, cover everything east of the Mississippi River and the western half of Washington, Oregon, and California with 32,000 red dots. At first glance, the map almost looks solid red over these areas. So what? These dots illustrate the more than 32,000 traffic fatalities in 2016.1 Those dots are people! (To see an actual version of this illustration, the Web address of the NHTSA report is listed at the end of this article.) 

Click here to read the full article. 


National Political Correspondent Reid Wilson to Offer Political Insight into 2018 Elections  
at PHCC's 2018 Legislative Conference 

Reid Wilson, National Correspondent for The Hill newspaper, makes a return to PHCC's 2018 Legislative Conference, May 22-23, 2018.  During the opening session March 22, this well-known political analyst will provide his expert insight into the political scene in Washington, D.C., and what to expect in the upcoming 2018 Congressional elections. Wilson is known as a political expert with a knack for spotting political trends as they develop and forecasting election results long before the ballots are counted. Register Today.


PHCC Colorado Hires Lobbyist Elisabeth Rosen

PHCC Colorado advocates on your behalf, protecting your interests at the State Capitol. Working with our newly hired lobbyist, Elisabeth Rosen, we actively monitor and lobby bills that are relevant to the industry and impact your business, and closely coordinate with other lobbyists and legislators on key topics of interest to our membership. We also review all proposed regulations for changes that may affect the interest of PHCC Colorado members and convey positions on regulations to the appropriate agency officials.


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