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In-Cab Technology: The Future of Fleet Safety

With vehicle crashes on the rise and cost of crash-related litigation skyrocketing, many businesses are leveraging in-cab technology to help protect their drivers, operations, and bottom line. Many early adopters have achieved impressive results, such as fewer accidents, fewer claims, and fewer false accusations levied at their company drivers. In-cab technology ultimately encompasses any tool that collects information and quantifiable data to evaluate driver behavior, vehicle performance, and road conditions. Read more...


PHCC Legislative Update

The 2021 Legislative Session is underway with 38 days remaining with over 600 bills introduced thus far. Many significant bills have a long way to go in the legislative process and we expect they will use the full 120 days. The estimated end date is June 10. 

PHCC-CO has taken positions on seven bills thus far. You can access the bill tracker here. 

PHCC-CO. We have joined other groups in voicing concerns on the many bills that would affect the way business operates in Colorado. While these bills have a strong likelihood of passage, amendments have been added or are being considered which will make the bills more palatable. 

The $32 billion state budget has passed. The state had a significant surplus compared to last year with $5 billion more to spend or save. The surplus meant that the legislature was able to restore many of the significant cuts made last fiscal year. Since much of the additional money was one-time in nature, they used it to invest in construction and infrastructure, buy down future state obligations and bring reserves to historically high levels.

In addition to the normal state budget, there is an additional $700 million in state stimulus that was proposed by the Governor. This package includes investments in:

  • COVID-19 and economic relief for business
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Broadband access
  • Clean energy and environmental programs
  • Housing assistance 
  • Etc. 

The latest federal stimulus package, The American Plan Act (ARPA) is expected to bring a significant amount of money to Colorado, anywhere upwards of $4 billion dollars. The state is awaiting federal guidance on how these funds may be spent and how long it will have to spend them. It is likely that the legislature will convene for a special session in late summer/early fall to allocate the funds.


Fast Track to Service Plumbing 

BOGO Sale until June 30th 

It is a comprehensive entry-level training program, designed for contractors by contractors, for employees who do residential or commercial plumbing service and repair work. The goal of this program is to get an employee trained and productive within the first year of being hired.

To learn more about the course syllabus and the PHCC Academy® learning platform, and get details about how this program differs from E.Learning 4-year registered apprentice program. Watch the recording of the demo here.

Take advantage of this special discount through the end of June. If you don't currently have anyone to take the course, you can purchase seats and hold those seats until the end of the year. And, if you still don't have anyone by the end of the year, you can roll the seat over to 2022 for a small fee.


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Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccinations: What Employers Need to Consider

Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2021
Time: 2pm ET

Please join Ms. Jamie M. Hasty, Vice President, SESCO Management Consultants as we provide PHCC members with up-to-date guidance on legalissues related to the COVID-19 vaccine. While initial doses of the vaccine have been generally allocated to health care workers, long-term care residents and members of certain vulnerable populations, all  businesses should be preparing for broader availability of the vaccine. The COVID-19 pandemic and new vaccines present unique circumstances in which employers must balance employee rights with the overall safety and health of its workforce, customers, or clients when developing a vaccine strategy. 

This webinar will help employers understand the legal framework that regulates mandatory and voluntary employer vaccination programs.
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Risk Management Corner: When Disaster Strikes Your Electrical Systems

Electricity is vital to our world and businesses, and our reliance on electrical systems creates a risk. Could you continue operating your business without electricity? Power outages in Texas due to cold weather earlier this year show us that natural disasters can strike anywhere, and at any time – and often have ramifications to critical infrastructure, such as power grids and gas lines. 

The many types of electrical equipment, and how often they are used, are things we often take for granted when they work as intended. Your business may rely on one or more of the following:

  • Computer, phone, and other sensitive electronic systems
  • Machinery, pumps, power tools
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Overhead and display lighting
  • Security doors or alarm systems


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